What is SquirrelStreet

Squirrel Street makes it easy to gather, manage and store all your required financial documents, business records, receipts and invoices. You can easily search and retrieve any document on your computer or mobile, and even manage and share them to your accounting software right from within Squirrel Street.

If you are interested in becoming a paperless business with no more filing cabinets or files, then SquirrelStreet is for you. As a Star Pro-Partner we can assist with the setup and training, so contact us today.

Account On Me Bookkeeping is always on the lookout for ways to reduce administration time and costs so that you can do what you do best, run your business!  We have been using SquirrelStreet (previously Shoeboxed Australia) in our business and with the Xero integration it saves us time and money.  We have also used the integration with MYOB Live versions for a couple of clients and saves plenty of time.  The desktop version of MYOB requires manual importing, but still much quicker than entering everything in manually.

Top 3 Benefits of SquirrelStreet

Get Organised, Stay Organised

When you gather your financial documents, business records, receipts and invoices and send to us, Squirrel Street extracts the data they contain via our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process. We then validate this data with human verification of each and every one to ensure as close to 100% extraction accuracy as possible.

This ensures your previous ‘hard paper copy’ information is searchable and usable for future business management. With each document that is processed, our smart category system learns how to categorise all your documents the way you want, so Squirrel Street gets better with each document you submit.

You and your bookkeeper have online access to manage and use these documents as well as export them to all major accounting software.

Get Tax Compliant, Stay Compliant

With the need to be continuously prepared for BAS and Annual tax returns or an audit at any time, it’s critical your receipts and invoices are all captured and accounted for.

Squirrel Street is registered with the ATO and is fully compliant with Tax Ruling 2005/9 “Digital storage of paper records”. This means you can be confident that your records in Squirrel Street will be acceptable to a tax auditor if ever they come knocking.

Safe and Secure Storage of Your Financial Records

Squirrel Street is built for Australian small business owners and operators. We understand that accurate, secure financial records are essential to your peace of mind.

We use Australian Data Centres and provide bank-level security and encryption. All documents submitted to Squirrel Street are verified by operators located in Australia, who are all subject to police security checks.